The Change in Us - A Story of God's Healing Power by Heather N. Stover

About the Book

At twelve years old, Heather Petersen wanted to die.

Growing up amid arguments, addiction, and abuse, Heather spirals from despair into rebellion. By the seventh grade, she’s drinking, smoking, and doing drugs. As a teen, she settles into playing the victim and drowning in self-pity. Then she meets Jayson Stover.

Jayson dreams of making it as a musician. Drawn to his hopefulness, which had been entirely absent in her upbringing, Heather confesses that she loves to sing. And so they became a duo . . . in both music and love. But the too-familiar pattern of her childhood follows her into adulthood, easily enabled by the bars where they play their gigs. It takes a death in the family and a series of health scares for Heather to ask, “Where do people go when they die? Can there be something greater than this life on earth?”

In this candid and moving journey through abuse, addiction, sobriety, and redemption, Heather Stover shares her very real story of meeting God in the darkest of places. Learning to trust Him, run to Him in prayer, and rest in Him for comfort, Heather finds the key to the healthy and lasting change He wants for all of us. Are you ready for God to work a change in you?

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Inside The Change in Us

Heather Stover

About the Author

Heather N. Stover

Heather Stover is a wife, mom, professional singer, worship leader, and now an author. Through her personal struggles with family, addiction, health, and loss, she found faith in Jesus that has carried her through. She makes her home in a small village in Ohio with her husband, Jayson; their daughter, Savannah Love; son, Noah Jay; and a goldendoodle named Evie Blue.

When she’s not playing music with her husband, she enjoys riding bikes, taking daily walks, spending hours in bookstores, sipping coffee, and eating all the good treats. Heather and Jayson have learned to make prayer a priority in their home and to keep God at the center of their lives.


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