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Time Capsule

The Stover’s have ten songs that will begin releasing on music platforms April 1, 2023.  These songs will fall under the Album title “Time Capsule,” since the songs have been just that; memories stored away until the right time emerges for them to be discovered

The Lord has made clear the time is now, Hallelujah.


The Change in Us - A Story of God's Healing Power by Heather N. Stover

The Change In Us

Growing to accept the lie that I was unwanted and unworthy of love, I pulled as far away from my family as I could and consumed as many substances as it took to lessen my fear of being alone.

Having a direct encounter
with God changes things.

Heather Stover

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Sunset String Lights

Choosing Slow

By Heather Stover | April 16, 2023

Welcoming a new season seems to be the only thing on my mind these days.  My children are so eager for summer, and I too share in their excitement for warm days, fireflies, and campfires. To put it simply, I believe we are all just yearning for slow. We bought a camper on December 17…

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woman, sky, sunlight

Confessions Of A Ragamuffin Worship Leader

By Heather Stover | January 30, 2023

Close your eyes, the change is coming. Hold your breath, the pain is rising. Feel the weight, lay on your chest. Let it burn, let it burn. These lyrics from the song For the Time We Have, by Common Hymnal capture so accurately the feelings of knowing things will never be the same. Journal Entry…

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